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Group Yoga & Wellness

  • optimal postural alignment

  • injury prevention 

  • functional mobility patterns 

  • rehabilitation 

  • sports enhancement 

  • overall health

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functional range conditioning + Yoga

FRC meets YOGA to optimize your body's movement capacity, load tolerance, and joint longevity with attention to core strength while moving every joint through it's full range of motion


wellness & yoga retreats

Inquire below if you have an upcoming wellness or corporate retreat that you would like to offer yoga classes, breathing workshop, &/or meditation/mindfulness 


Postural restoration


Learn the power of resistance breathing with a balloon and the effect it has on your posture, core and diaphragm strength 


hypopressives and Yoga


Enhance your deep intrinsic core musculature with low pressure fitness yoga class. The effect on your posture, core and diaphragm strength will have you back for more!

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