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Upcoming  workshops

Classes and Workshops are limited to 10 -20 people to allow for social distancing per COVID-19 guidelines



"Raquel's unique ability to help you identify how you personally are using your core muscles and to show you how to strengthen them and create better habits is truly remarkable. . . especially when it comes to difficult to identify muscles like a sleepy pelvic floor after childbirth or a not fully utilized diaphragm. No other therapist or online post-pregnancy program has come close to helping me identify the muscles at the root cause of my back pain or been able to meet me where I am and help me strengthen them the way Raquel has. I can't recommend her enough. She's amazing."  



I really thought that after all of these years working as a PT Assistant and teaching diaphragmatic breathing for chronic pain and relaxation, that I knew what I was doing. Not only was I not breathing correctly, through no fault of my own because we were taught for years to “belly breathe”, but that it makes so much more sense now.  Raquel provided specific instructions that progressed through the basics, sensations, anatomy and physiology of what is the proper way and why we need to incorporate this breathing technique. A second and rather pleasant surprise was that after suffering from daily right hip pain that I had tried to exercise and stretch away, after doing more functional movements with the breath awareness this pain had completed disappeared. It was not until after leaving the class and driving home did I realize this. Overall, a wonderful and greatly beneficial class and I highly recommend this and is really appropriate for all ages whether for well-being, increased knowledge, and or pain relief.


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