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Our Mission...


Arizona Medical Yoga Professionals offers an innovative method of combining yoga with rehabilitative science by a licensed healthcare provider to improve our clients overall health and wellness.  Our unique one-on-one, hands-on approach allows for a thorough evaluation identifying the current dysfunctions as well as underlying issues contributing to musculoskeletal impairments. We believe that integrating holistic principles with traditional medical practices will assist our clients in more optimal and long lasting outcomes. 

Our Vision...

  • to incorporate yoga for use in healthcare and wellness by a bilingual practitioner (yoga and medical)


  • to address the "whole person" through use of the biopsychosocial model of care which considers nutrition, mental, physical and social effects in order to optimize gut-brain-body health 

  • to foster safe and optimal biomechanics in yoga taking into account current medical conditions especially for complex patient populations 

  • to emphasize proper breathing techniques for optimal healing and encourage proper stabilization prior to mobilization

  • to teach partnership-based rehabilitation through active patient participation and supporting current medical interventions



Raquel Lines, PT, PYT-C, FRCms

Licensed Physical Therapist

Board of Physical Therapy

Texas 1997-2001

Arizona 2001 - present

Professional Yoga Therapy Institute

Professional Yoga Therapist-C

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certified

(pending completion Spring 2023)

Functional Range Conditioning 

Movement Specialist

Hypopressive Fitness Certified

Baylor University

MPT, Physical Therapy

1997 summa cum laude


Arizona State University

BS, Exercise Science

1993 magna cum laude



Professional Background

Physical Therapy

Raquel is a compassionate and energetic orthopedic Physical Therapist with over 23 years of clinical experience specializing in general orthopedic & neurological disorders, sports medicine, women’s health, and chronic pain.  She graduated from the Army-Baylor Graduate Program in Physical Therapy and worked as an active duty Physical Therapist at Brooke Army Medical Center until 2000.  Raquel moved back to Arizona to start a family and continue working in an outpatient sports medicine clinic. Her professional development and course study over the years has included Complex Regional Pain Syndromes, Temporal Mandibular Disorders, Functional Orthopedics, Movement System Impairment Syndromes, Advanced Spinal & Joint Mobilization with emphasis on muscle balance and stabilization for optimal postural alignment. 


AZ Medical Yoga Professionals

Raquel’s treatment approach considers each client as a unique individual that deserves a tailored program to address their specific needs. Her clinical focus is utilizing therapeutic yoga in healthcare and wellness with a goal of "bridging the gap" between holistic and traditional interventions. She combines Medical Therapeutic Yoga and functional mobility in her physical therapy approach to injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports enhancement, and overall wellness.  She incorporates Ayurvedic principles and yoga postures with manual therapy, corrective exercise, and neuromuscular re-education to assist her patients through their journey of healing. With the exponentially growing chronic pain population, she sees medical yoga as a more long term method of pain management with the ultimate goals of improved wellness and lessening dependence on prescription medication. Raquel’s goal is to provide patients with the highest quality evidence based yoga practice delivered with compassion and extensive education to enhance compliance resulting in optimal recovery and independence.

Professional Yoga Therapist (PYT-C)

Raquel’s post-professional Medical Therapeutic Yoga training with Ginger Garner-Jablonski began in 2014 at the Living Well Institute (LWI). The program is internationally recognized and renowned for interdisciplinary medical yoga therapy certification for healthcare professionals and was established in 2000.  PYTI’s mentorship and motivation along with continuing education provides clinicians with much deeper therapeutic skills addressing patients’ emotional, spiritual, energetic, social, mental and nutritional health.



Coming soon...

Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist

FRC is a system of training which applies scientific methods to the acquisition and maintenance of (1) Functional mobility as it relates to the joints, muscles, and neurological control (2) Articular/Joint Resiliance through increased tissue load bearing capacity and injury prevention (3) Articular/Joint Health and Longevity. The goals of this type of training is to improve active joint range of motion with greater neurological control thereby improving joint stability throughout the available range while maintaining core activation and breathing. Improving motor control in a larger range of motion will aide in activating more mechanoreceptors and recruiting more sarcomeres which can assist in building more muscle tissue with the appropriate training loads. 

Hypopressive Fitness Certified

Low Pressure Fitness via Hypopressive technique was designed to enhance core fitness and injury prevention in Spain (2010). The International Hypopressive & Physical Therapy Institute was founded by Dr. Rial and Piti Pinsach to raise worldwide awareness of the health benefits from "pressure-less" workouts. It is a training system that combines the basics of the hypopressive technique, myofascial stretching, and neurodynamics with the most advanced exercise science methodology. The body's muscle and fascial chains are trained without increasing intra-abdominal pressure which is an innovative way to address underlying postural dysfunctions and core stabilization which is especially beneficial to women's health and pelvic floor dysfunction. 

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