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Health & Wellness Coaching


Mindset Coaching: Master your mindset with effective strategies to improve your work productivity, self-care and time management skills. We incorporate mindfulness, meditation and habit building techniques into our program to help individuals create meaningful change and achieve their goals of living a more balanced, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Wellness Coaching: Comprehensive evaluation of posture, body mechanics, work/home ergonomics, breathing, nutrition, sleep, environmental influences, and daily habits that may be hindering you from reaching your health and wellness goals. We are dedicated to helping you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle through a systems approach to wellness. We focus on developing an individualized plan that considers all aspects of your health - physical, mental, and emotional. With our expert guidance and support, you can achieve your wellness goals and live your best life.


Please click on the links below to access new patient forms. Please fill them out as completely as possible and bring to your first appointment. 


If you have back, neck, upper/lower body pain, please choose the appropriate questionnaire below to fill out and bring with you to your first appointment. This will provide more specific information regarding your condition. 


Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health and longevity which aims to restore balance to your life by looking at the qualities you experience through your diet, work, leisure activities, and relationships. Each individuals' constitution is based upon the relationship of three fundamental and vital energies (doshas). If you are interested in determining your dosha constitution, click on the link below and complete the questionnaire. Bring the completed form to your first appointment.



Sydney Scholes

Bridget Shelley



Sally Williams

Fitness Professional


Janie Scholes

Business Owner


Eleanora Pagano

Corporate Marketing


I started going to Raquel for persistent hip issues that I'd had for 7 years. I had constant aches while sitting or lying down and severe pain when walking/running. I tried many things to improve the problem: strength training from personal trainers, regular chiropractic adjustments, corticosteroid injections into the joints, physical therapy, etc. Raquel conducted a detailed analysis to better understand the root cause of the discomfort/pain and came up with a customized plan of strength exercises, stretches, and manual work to help me improve. She completely corrected the way I walked which had been contributing to the sharp pain and taught me simple movements even at my desk job to help build muscle and healthy movement habits. I no longer have any pain while walking and know exactly what exercises and stretches to do when I start to feel any aches or discomfort. As long as I consistently apply what she has taught me, I don't have any issues. It's literally changed my life! 

          - Hannah Reeb, age 24

Raquel is amazing and able to work with people of all levels of fitness. She has specifically helped both my mom and dad (who are in their 70's) with simple but effective rehabilitative exercises that they were able to record during sessions and do at home on their own... they are both feeling 100% better.  She has also helped me in my personal goal of improving my yoga practice technique to protect my rotator cuff that was surgically repaired a year ago. I would definitely recommend her for long term wellness as well as short term help with improving fitness needs while taking into account past injuries.

          - Eleanora Lawson, age 46

Raquel was an answer to our prayers for our daughter who is a competitive dancer and was having severe hip and back issues. Raquel's knowledge of dance not only cleared up all pain with her therapy but corrected her form so that going forward it wouldn't happen again. It's been a night and day transformation. Not only did she fix the problem but she made sure she understood why the problem occurred so that she could correct her form and notice those signs when her body is telling her. I'm so grateful for her attention to detail and her genuine care of my daughters longevity.  Not just in dance but in life. She truly has a gift and wouldn't go anywhere else. 

          - Corrina Mollihan, Clients Mother 


Using medical therapeutic yoga, Raquel was able to quickly single in on my unique muscle imbalances and work with me to find exercises and poses that helped to relieve my pain and to strengthen my overall stability. Now I can take care of my everyday tasks without fatigue, get back in shape after having 3 kids, and enjoy working out again. Her patience in working with me to activate muscles that I have a hard time identifying and using is unmatched. Where other practitioners would just tell me to keep practicing when I couldn't do their exercises quite right, Raquel takes the time to help me identify which muscles I am using and also learn how to properly use those muscles in my home workouts and everyday tasks. She never gives up on trying to find the right pose or wording to help me discover and use the right muscles. She is exceptionally good at modifying exercises just for me so that I can make progress and build up to where I need to be to reach my goals. 

          - Anonymous

Raquel is not only incredibly knowledgeable about her field, she is also extremely passionate about it.  You will never feel as if you are a "chore" to her when she is working with you.  She is patient and takes the time to teach and work with you throughout your rehab process.  Last year I pulled my hamstring. Being a competitive elite volleyball athlete, it was crucial for me to return to play as soon as possible. I was THAT client that is just so eager to get better, and wants to rush the process.  Raquelwas very understanding, but at the same time persistent in making sure I took all of the right steps to recovery without rushing through and returning to sport too early.  My hamstring doesn't cause me any problems now, which everyone told me the pain would never fully subside.  Raquel knows what she is doing to hiply fell like the best you possible. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you're looking to improve your overall fitness, rehab, or longterm wellness needs. 

          - Kaitlyn Lines, age 18

As a dancer of many years, I had struggled with back pain for years. I tried many chiropractors and doctors without relief. I heard about Raquel from a friend and after my first session, I knew more about my body, why I was experiencing pain and left with more relief than ever before. Since then, Raquel has taught me how to manage any pain that I have and how to strengthen my body to limit future injuries. Raquel is the most knowledgeable and understanding physical therapist I have met. Her main focus is ensuring her patients are feeling their absolute best. Raquel has helped me tremendously over the past few years. 

          - Bridget Shelley, age 17

I have mild scoliosis but throughout my life I’ve always been active even as a collegiate athlete in pole vaulting. However, after having 3 kids my back was a wreck. Before beginning MTY with Raquel I had tried multiple chiropractors, myopractors, massage therapists and a couple of physical therapy offices to help relieve my mid-back pain. I knew I needed to exercise but my body just seemed to fall apart every time I exercised and I was stuck in a cycle of needing frequent chiropractic adjustments to relieve neck pain and head aches in addition to my back pain....                               ....Her use of MYT has also helped identify and correct other muscles imbalances helping me to strengthen my whole body, not just the areas where I was experiencing pain.  I leave Raquel's studio feeling like I've had a massage, chiropractic adjustment, and a work out all at the same time, but this time the adjustment sticks and I'm actually able to make progress. Thanks to Raquel and MYT I am no longer in pain, I have noticeably better posture, and I keep meeting and exceeding strength goals.  

          - Toria Trendler, age 32

Raquel is one of the most empathetic, receptive, knowledgeable, and helpful professionals.   I first started working with her after being in such immense hip and back pain from dance that I had a hard time walking at points and had to nearly stop dancing. One of my favorite things about  working with Raquel is that she is always very well informed on the latest protocols and best practices. 

          - Sydney Scholes 

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