The practice of yoga in medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness settings by a licensed health care professional who is completing or has graduated from the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI).


community Wellness 


Small group education and practical application of knowledge learned in order to implement the information into your daily lives and improve overall health & wellness

Medical therapeutic


Individual or Group Classes focused on the fundamentals of yoga taking into account underlying medical issues that might hinder traditional practice or classes 

Physical therapy

Comprehensive individual evaluation & assessment of strength, motion, stability, gait, balance, and posture taking into account the "whole person" through a biopsychosocial

model of care




Not your traditional strength & conditioning class. Varying your current work out routine fosters a more resilient body! 

Focus is on body weight resistance with breath awareness to maximize core engagement



In office group education & ergonomic training focused on mind-body balance & preventing career burn out


August dates pending

Covid-19 restrictions



Raquel is one of the most empathetic, receptive, knowledgeable, and helpful professionals.   I first started working with her after being in such immense hip and back pain from dance that I had a hard time walking at points and had to nearly stop dancing. One of my favorite things about  working with Raquel is that she is always very well informed on the latest protocols and best practices


I have mild scoliiosis but throughout my life I've always been active even as a collegiate athlete in pole vaulting. However, after having 3 kids my back was a wreck. Before beginning MTY with Raquel, I had tried multiple chiropractors, myopractors, massage therapists and a couple of physical therapy offices . . . I am no longer in pain, I have noticeably better posture, and  I keep meeting and exceeding strength goals. 


Raquel is able to work with people of all levels of fitness. She has specifically helped both my mom and dad with simple but effective rehabilitative exercises that they were able to record and do at home on their own. She has also helped me in my personal goal of improving my yoga practice technique to protect my rotator cuff repair. 


As a dancer of many years, I had struggled with back pain for years. I tried many chiropractors and doctors without relief. I heard about Raquel from a friend and after my first session, I knew more about my body, why I was experiencing pain and left with more relief than ever before. Since then, Raquel has taught me how to manage any pain that I have and how to strengthen my body to limit future injuries. Raquel is the most knowledgeable and understanding physical therapist I have met. Her main focus is ensuring her patients are feeling their absolute best. Raquel has helped me tremendously over the past few years. 

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